The Role of Parents

The Importance of Active Parents in Kids Sport

Volunteers play a major role in the delivery of junior sporting activities. Parents and volunteers are the cornerstone of the Surrey Park Lacrosse Club Community, and your involvement as a parent will be greatly valued by your child and all members of the community.

To put it simply, the club could not operate without those who put in their time and effort to run the programs and infrastructure needed.

Your child's interest in sport will be greatly enhanced and their connection with the club community made stronger through your active engagement.

Roles for Parents to support their child and their Team

There are a couple of formal roles that are critical to the functioning of a junior sports side:

  • Team Coach: The Coach is a critical role in the child's and team's development over the season. Combining technical knowledge of lacrosse with capabilities to develop each child and the team overall to their fullest potential, Coaches are the mainstay of any club.
  • Team Manager: Organises Team lists, communicates fixtures, sets rosters for scoring and other duties. Ensures players are financial. Sets up team on teamstuff. Writes game reports.

Coaches and Managers give up a lot of their time to allow our children to have fun and develop new skills - we are very grateful for their contribution.

There are also informal roles that each Parent can contribute to during the season.

  • Scorer (usually rostered)
  • Driver / Transporter
  • Organiser of social and other adhoc events
  • Assistant Coach
  • Assistant Manager
  • Half-time oranges (usually rostered)
  • Help to Set-up / Pack-up
  • Game report writer
  • Game photographer


Roles for Parents to Support their Child's Club


Lacrosse Victoria Code of Parent Conduct

Surrey Park supports the LV Code of Parent Conduct.

For further reading: Lacrosse Victoria's Code of Parent Conduct.

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