Parent's Forum

Surrey Park Lacrosse Club's Parents Forum

Surrey Park Lacrosse Club's Junior Program is directed and advised by an active group of parents, as represented to the SPLC Committee through the Parent's Forum.

New parents are always welcome to join, please email to get involved.

The Parent's forum is guided by the following charter.

(1) The Parents Forum aim to achieve:

  • More players at all ages (iPlay to U/16), properly funded and supported in a progressive but nurturing SPLC junior program, developing the next generation of enthusiastic and engaged Lacrosse players for Club, Regional, State and International Competition.

(2) By focussing on:

  • Ensuring Kids love playing Lacrosse (and they tell their friends).
  • Making it easy for parents to give their time and energy to support their kids playing Lacrosse.
  • Ensuring Parents love their kids playing Lacrosse because their kids love playing and they believe their kids are developing towards both their sporting and personal potential (and tell other parents).
  • Making it easy for Coaches to dedicate their time and effort to coaching our kids.
  • Planned and considered Promotion and Communication of Junior Lacrosse at SPLC into (1) the wider-community, (2) the SPLC community, and (3) the Parents.
  • Finding ways to encourage Volunteerism of, and Financial Contributions from parent and extended supporter networks.

(3) And by incorporating the following principles in all we do:

  • Promote the unique SPLC culture (supportive, inclusive, positive, engaging...)
  • Build-on and leverage the unique SPLC brand and heritage
  • Develop a junior program structure with clearer roles and accountabilities in complete alignment with the broader club’s operations.
  • Relieving the Coach of responsibilities / tasks wherever possible.
  • Promote the advantages and benefits of Lacrosse as a World-Game. SPLC has current and Former State and Australian Players. Good players can get scholarships to US Colleges, Major League Lacrosse, World Championships. Other sporting options do not have such opportunities so readily available.
  • Being proactive in finding ways to help our kids fulfil their sporting and personal potential.
  • Taking simple measurements wherever we can so we can be encouraged by our contribution and progress.

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