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Teamstuff - making team management easy... for everyone

Surrey Park Lacrosse Club has decided to use web and smartphone app, Teamstuff, to make it as easy as possible for players, coaches, managers and parents to run the team.

Teamstuff is an Australian mobile award winning app. It gives alerts, calendar entries (into Outlook and other calendars), alerts to your smartphone for upcoming games / trainings / events, and alerts for last minute changes.


From the Teamstuff website:

"Any coach or manager on a social sporting team knows how much time is consumed by administration (yawn!). Teamstuff makes schedulingattendance, and more so simple you’ll soon forget the old days when... how did they do it then?

Clear game info on the web or mobile app (with mapsdutiesattendance,reminders & more) makes scheduling easy for everyone - even families withmultiple schedules. So get there on time (with a smile on your face) with Teamstuff."

Who does the manager do?

You team's manager will be responsible to get teamstuff up and operating for your child's team as soon as possible. To do this, they will need your email address. As many parents, grandparents and other interested parties can sign up for teamstuff.

Your manager will also be responsible for adding the fixture to teamstuff, noting that the official fixture remains that run by Lacrosse Victoria on Sporting Pulse (accessed via the team page). However, from time to time, LV change the fixture, so the manager will check regularly and use teamstuff to notify parents of any changes.

What we recommend you do as a parent? 

  • Make sure your manager has your email address
  • We strongly recommend installing the mobile app if you have a smartphone and making sure it is 'on' in your notifications centre
  • Add your child/s emergency contact numbers and other details to teamstuff (allergies, etc).
  • As teamstuff will be the default means by which the club will communicate game details to parents, if you don't have a smartphone, or don't wish to use teamstuff by email either, please speak to your team's manager.
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