2014-07-12 Junior Newsletter



No report this week.

Parent Help Needed: Photographer and game report writer for the U/15 Boys. If you can help, please let Nick Farley or Tanya Wick know.



No report this week.

Parent Help Needed: Scorers and photographer for the U/15 Girls. If you can help, please let Jacinta Toomey (team manager) or Nick Farley (Junior Coordinator) know.



The team performed really well against the league leaders, Footscray, under sunshine at home, but were unable to find a way to stop Footscray's star player, who scored 14 goals in the 21-3 scoreline.

Last game's performance was reported as the team's best yet, but this game was even better, showing the team is really building  and coming together as a unit. The 21-3 scoreline to the away team doesn't reflect how competitive our young team were. We were two players down thanks to injury / illness (Cruz and Blake), so each player ran that bit extra.

The defence of Julian and Lachlan again made it hard on the Footscray attack. For the third quarter, extra effort by James and Mitch helped keep Footscray to only 2 goals. James ran hard in the mid-field and had his best game yet.

Hunter again battled well in the face-off but Footscray's star player was a difficult opponent. Despite this, Hunter won a number of possessions for Surrey and more than once, ran the ball hard into attack from the face and well deserved his goal and assist.

The team looked really good in transition when Dylan got running, and some extra practice in catching and throwing by all players will really help improve this important area of the game. When Dylan backed himself, he ran straight to goal and scored Surrey's first.

Harrison started to play like his old self again, attacking the goal hard and scoring a well-deserved goal, but going close on two more (including one hitting the post). Alice worked hard to win ground balls, took a couple of good bumps and deserved a couple of goals. Some practice catching and throwing will make the difference. It was great to see Daniel building on his confident game of last week with another good one, including throwing an assist. Some time doing wall-ball and practicing his ground balls will keep him improving.

Strong defence helped goalie Ewan in the cage, but it was still a tough game. The third quarter was the team's and goalie's best keeping Footscray to two goals and Ewan stepping to the ball aggressively to make two clean saves. Importantly, Footscray scored no uncontested goals.

Coach Blair summed up the game well, telling the team that they are really close to coming together as a group and it was their effort from the first whistle to the end of the game that really showed. He was proud of the team and so were the assembled family and friends in the crowd.

Votes went to Ewan (3), Hunter (2), and Dylan (1).

Thanks to Coach Blair, scorer Leigh and umpire (State League Long Pole) Jarod B.

Training resumes again on Thursday after school holidays. Between now and then, remember to practice your catching and passing. Throwing against a wall (Wall Ball) is an easy and fun way to improve your stick skills. Google 'Wall Ball' or have a look at LAX Allstar's Wall Ball section.

(Brent Dankesreither)

Parent Help Needed: Scorers for the U/13 Team. If you can help, please let Brent Dankesreither (team manager) or Nick Farley (Junior Coordinator) know.



For the last game before our mid-season break we were back at home against FOOTSCRAY and we were back to how we had started the season recording a big win that finished with a scoreline reading 13 - 0. There was some excellent defending and passing and we maintained a steady tempo with the first three quarters  each netting 3 goals and finishing with 4 goals in the final quarter.

We were down on the number of available players for this game due to the start of the school holidays and illness but we still had enough to man the whole field plus one on the bench. Keeping up with what has now become a routine for us to introduce a new player each game, we had Renee play her first game of the season. She has been a regular at iPlay Fridays and enjoyed her first outing in a match against another club. She was pretty good in defense, notched up an assist and also bagged 1 vote from the opposition ref for best players on our team. It was however a Leo and Renalda show in attack with Leo bagging 7 goals and 1 assist while Renalda had 5 goals and 4 assists. Naturally they were the two best players on our team with the 3 and 2 votes respectively. Henry was the other goal scorer with 1 goal and 2 assists. The rest of the team also made handsome contributions as we had seven out of nine players bagging at least one assist.

Both Alex and John were on hand to coach the team. And we sent John off to his trip to the US with a win. Xavier Wick and Sarah Goucher helped out with refereeing duties. Joe Piccolo has once again provided us with some photos of the match, which you can show the kids in the gallery. Thanks everyone for your help.

(Charu Limaye) 

Parent Help Needed: Scorers for the U/11 Mixed. If you can help, please let Team Manager Charu Limaye know. 



No Report this week (School Holidays)

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