2014-03-03 Junior Newsletter

Summer Days Week 4: Half way

The fantastic weather continues and the kids seem to be really enjoying running around, learning new skills and improving the ones they have.

We continue to be very impressed with the skills of all the children and it's been great to watch their development and confidence improve week to week.

Brynne O'Brien tried her hand at Goalie - a really important role in successful sides.

A focus on passing and how to move around the field as a team will continue to be emphasised as we build team think ready for inter-club competition which starts in early May.

Parents are always welcome to get as involved in the sessions as they want to. We are also making beverages (informally) available for parent enjoyment, should sideline viewing be more your style.

Also, Monday March 24th will be "Bring a Friend Day", an invitation for a friend and details of a prize for one lucky friend will be provided at the prior Summer Days Session.

Finally, we will have a Celebration BBQ at the end of our final session on Monday 31st March.

A reminder that Labour Day is a Bye for Summer Days, but we look forward to seeing you all Monday 17th March!

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