2014-02-18 Junior Newsletter

Summer Days Week 2: New Players Really Shining!

Another spectacular summer night kicked off our second Summer Days comp with the kids enthusiastically getting straight on the field with their sticks well before the official start time. 

Splitting into two groups they started with line drills of scooping up the ball from the ground and shooting to the next player.  Then it was time for two on two ground balls drills and shooting for goals.  The second half of the comp is in game mode with 4 teams on two fields having a go.  With all teams there was a combination of good defending as well as teamwork of passing to shoot for goal.

Well done to the new comers who are taking to the game so quickly!

A few reminders...

It's great to see the kids wear the blue Summer Days t-shirts. For games, one team will be in the blue and the other will wear the red-training over-tops we will give out for use on the day.  So, if you haven't picked up your blue Summer Day's t-shirt, please see one of the Parent organisers.

Some parents still haven't signed up to teamstuff.com. All parents of registered players will have received an email invitation (check your junk box if you think you haven't). If not, please register directly through the site, or watch out for the invitation reminder emails which will be sent periodically by the teamstuff system.

Finally, feel free to bring a friend at any time - all welcome!

We look forward to seeing you next Monday 24th Feb 5.30 – 6.30pm!

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